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The British Military Essay

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British Military during Revolutionary War

The British army During the Revolutionary war suffered from a number of weaknesses, they had a small army, no workable recruitment system, and the lack of an organized supply system (Christian). Still they were the greatest army during that time period. The British Empire had the largest Navy, Allies, and Economy. The British Military was recovering form the 7 year war, so money played a factor in the war.
Howe William was the British General during the American Revolution from July 1775 to May 1778. He was King George I illegitimate child and had a military career before being the General of British Army (Edward). He replaced Gen. Thomas Gage. ...view middle of the document...

The war also caused many hardships for the British people. Their debt doubled and taxes reached all-time high (Christopher). 20 percent of the free population in the Colonies openly supported the British (Keith). At least 25,000 Loyalists fought on the side of the British. Thousands served in the Royal Navy. On land, Loyalist forces fought alongside the British in most battles in North America.
The British Military Strategy had derived from the Greek strategy. They got into rows and columns and marched in one direction (Timothy). The British Military only focused on one Primary Objective at a time. Do to the Environment of the War the British soldiers were sitting ducks, and the Militia just picked them off. The British didn’t change their strategy because it was the only one they knew, and transferring news about the war took around 1 year. The British Army had 4 basic Strategy rules: Focus on one main objective, place enemy in disadvantageous position, concentrate combat power at a certain place and time, and strike enemy while they are unprepared (Edward). These rules didn’t work so well because the British didn’t know much about the land. Early in 1775, the British Army consisted of about 36,000 men, and the numbers increased. Additionally, over the course of the war the British hired about 30,000 soldiers from German princes (Everest).

In Conclusion the British Empire was the greatest Empire during the Revolutionary war. They...

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