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In 1914, there were many things that placed Europe at the brink if war. Nationalism, militarism, imperialism, social darwinism, and Jingoes where five of the main forces that were pushing Europe to the brink of war. Another main force was the development of Alliance systems. These ideas and systems threatened the balance of power which could then cause a major war to break out. In Europe at the time, there were many ideas which were causing friction. Nationalism, which was the desire for a country was causing friction because people in old empires sought to be free. The leaders of these people would not be happy and a war would definitely break out. If they became free they would also ...view middle of the document...

The last of the ideas, was the idea of jingoes. These were people who lived for war. All they wanted was to go to war. Jingoes where very aggresive talkers and they caused a lot of friction between many countries. These ideas where some of the main reasons Europe was pushed to the brink of war. Then came the alliance systems which completly messed up the balance of power in Europe. The triple Alliance which was made up of Austria, Germany, and Italy in 1879 was the frist of these systems. They made this alliance with each other for military backup. What is meant be this is that if one got attacked the other two would send troops to help. When these three joined forces it made other countries feel threatened. They then sought out alliances and this is what caused the major shift in the balance of Europe. Soon all the countries had someone to back them up and this made them feel powerful and safe. This would cause major wars because if two countries disagreed and caused a war, there would be four to six countries fighting. Another alliance that was formed which affected Europe was the Triple Entente. It was made up of France, Great Britian, and Russia in 1907. France and Great Britian where brought together because of a mutual distrust for Germany. France...

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