The Breakdown And Rebuilding Of South African Society Within The Novel

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The Breakdown and Rebuilding of South African Society within the novel Cry, The Beloved Country

“...what God has not done for South Africa man must do.” (25)

     In the novel Cry, The Beloved Country, written by Alan Paton, some major conflicts follow the story from beginning to end. Two of these conflicts would be as follows; the breakdown of the tribal community and the power hope and faith pocesses to rebuild broken relationships. Kumalo, as an indivigual, demostrates the power of this hope which mends the broken relationships of his friends and his fallen tribal community. Throughout the novel one aquires the perfect perspective about the hardships the ...view middle of the document...

A hope that almost vanished when Komalo left. Without his strong moral belief in God the people where left with nothing but a decaying landscape. Even though it may seem as if all hope is lost for a decent life in the tribal community, it is within this time that the relationships between others are tested and drawn closer through the power of hope and faith.
     As a result of this breakdown within the tribal society there are some positive results to be gained from the decay of the tribe. Such positivity comes from the rebuilding of relationships trough hope. Kumalo relizes that there is still love between himself and his brother. He knows this because of the common view points that he shares. John said that the only hope that he sees is for the blacks and whites to work together in love for the good of the country. It is through Kumalo’s religous representation that one can relizes that the religon of the societies is what holds them together. Kumalo not only represents a religous leader throughout the novel but also a man who gives hope to the people of Johannesburg, indiviguals and his own community. The people ask “God to have mercy upon us”(58), for they still believe that through love for the country the diffrences between them can be settled out in the end. There is still optimism that also remains, even in Shanty Town, they dance around the fire and sing “God save Africa”(58). Not only does the rebuilding of Kumalo’s relationships help him but also for the greater benifit of his community in Ndotsheni.
     Arthur Jarvis shows great hope and inspiration to the black and white...

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