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The Brand Foundation Of Tj Maxx

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Janiesha Simpkins
Fundamentals of Marketing
Kristen Hanlon
2 Sept. 2011

The Brand Foundation of TJ Maxx

The brand vision of TJ Maxx is very prosperous. According to research studies, TJ Maxx is convinced that its strong top-and bottom-line performance will continue. Its vast sourcing universe affords them enormous flexibility to react quickly to market trends and consumer preferences. In the 34 years that TJ Maxx has been in business, year after year, their great flexibility, particularly for a company their size, has enabled them to succeed through various economic and business cycles. Their off-price mission is to deliver a rapidly changing assortment of fashionable, ...view middle of the document...

Also, their experience has shown that their great value equation plays well in many countries around the world and appeals to customers from a wide range of income and age demographics.

TJX’s core target consumer is a middle-to upper-middle income shopper who is fashion conscious and fits the same profile as a department or specialty store shopper. The TJX Companies, Inc. has practiced excellence in corporate governance for more than three decades. They strongly believe that effective corporate governance must evolve and change with the needs of their stakeholders. With that being said, they listen carefully, re-evaluate their policies (Director Code of Business, Conduct and Ethics, Code of Ethics for TJX Executives and Associate Code of Conduct) and practices periodically and aim to act in the best interests of their associates, customers, shareholders, vendors and communities in which they operate.

In the process of prioritizing my SWOT analysis, first I considered how will TJ Maxx leverage their strengths and opportunities in achieving their marketing plans. Identifying their strengths as the largest leading retailer in the world, offering quality name-brand merchandise 20-60 percent below department and specialty stores, having a significant ROI (Return on Investment) and a solid relationship with many manufacturers and other merchandise suppliers with opportunities allowing anyone to progress with the company. It’s like bringing the outside inside. Like quoted before, TJX sources merchandise from over 60 countries worldwide. They are dedicated to sourcing...

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