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The Book Thief Ideas Essay

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Writers often set out to encourage readers to look at controversial issues or ideas in a new way.
Analyze how the writer of a text you have studied made you think about an issue or idea in a new way.

In our society, where we are influenced by the British empire and Hollywood, our view on Nazi Germany is prejudiced. We stereotype all Germans to be as ruthless as Hitler. When reading books like the Diary of Anne Frank, everyone remembers the perils Anne faces but many of us forget the name of the lady who helped the Franks. Australian author, Markus Zusak has written a story about the holocaust but in a totally new way. “The Book Thief” shows Germans in a new light. The book shows them ...view middle of the document...

Hans Hubermann, Liesel’s foster father, was a middle class German whose job was almost non-existent. He hardly had enough money to support his family. This was because he was sympathetic to Jews, painting over anti-Semitic slurs for free, so he wasn’t granted access to the Nazi Party, leading to his lack of customers. He had an uncanny ability to fade into the background and wasn't thought too important to notice. However, in the words of the narrator “..he was very special indeed..” In WWI a Jewish man saved his life, in return, during WWII he hid the man’s son in his basement. Hiding a Jew in your basement while living on an almost non-existent job in Germany is very risky. Also, Hans watched more dying, hungry Jews being marched to a concentration camp. He knew that being against Hitler’s views was like inviting trouble to your doorstep, his family’s shortage of money was a testament to that fact. However, Hans knew he had to do the right thing. So when an old dying Jew collapsed at Hans feet, Hans fed the man his bread. Although he was severely whipped by soldiers, castigated by his neighbors and later sent to the war front, he knew feeding a barely human man and reminding him that he was a human wasn’t wrong.

Rudy and Hans decisions made me think about the idea of Germans in...

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