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The Blitz Essay

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IntroductionWorld War 2 started when Adolf Hitler, president of the Nazi party, attacked Poland. Soon after that Hitler attacked the Britain in the "Battle of Britain". The Germans lost this battle.Between 14th November 1940 and 10th May 1941 Britain was hit by the most crucial conflicts in the history of Britain, called The Blitz. The Germans thought they were losing too many planes during daylight so they started to attack at night.During the eight months of which the Blitz lasted, the Germans had bombarded all of the major cities in Britain and made the people living there suffer.The Destruction of CoventryAfter Germans had lost the Battle of Britain (a battle of planes in which Germany ...view middle of the document...

There were 437 German aircrafts involved, keeping up the attack shortly before 6 a.m. The Germans dropped 56 tons of incendiaries (bursts into fire on impact), 394 tons of bombs and 127 tons of parachute mines.Many of the German aircrafts were given specific targets: Standard Motor Co, Coventry Radiator and Press Company, Alvis aeroplane works, British Piston Ring Company, Daimler Works and gas holders in Hill street. Many of these places were heavily hit. Twelve important aeroplane factories and nine industrial factories suffered greatly from the attack. One power plant was hit directly and many cables, pipes and lines were severely damaged. Many companies were forced to suspend their business because of the immense damage. Another problem was that all railway lines and road traffic had to be blocked except the most essential.Over 500 food stores were destroyed which severely affecting the food distribution. Apart of this, there were nearly 200 fractures in the gas mains which meant the people couldn't cookIn that attack, 380 people were killed and a further 800 were seriously injured but help was on its way. On the 16th November (two days after the bombardment) arrangements were been made to take 10000 homeless people out of the city.The results of the raid could have been worse if the local civil defences didn't keep the German aeroplanes from getting too close to the city (so that the Germans could not aim well). On the night of the bombardment, the Observer Corps duty was to sit close to blazing Cathedral and plan the routes of the raiders. Mr Gilbert Dalton, a Chief Observer, described how for 12 hours the members of the Corps sat around a table and carried out their duties:"The building was frequently shaken by bombs more than twenty detonated within a short distance and surrounding building were on fire, but the work went on. Lights failed; candles were lit. Smoke drifted in through the ventilating system. Water from the fireman's hoses swilled into the room. Telephones went dead; plots were still received and told to the RAF on the lines that remained. Men whose homes and families were in the city went on stolidly with their work; one member that night lost his house, his business and his car, but he reported for duty the next day. An umber of members got through as reliefs during the height of the blitz; one man took three hours to come two miles because of the fires and obstructions."Raids on the rest of BritonTwo nights after Coventry was bombarded, the Germans started to raid London (16th November 1940).On the 17th November the Germans struck Southampton. For the following three nights they bombarded Birmingham. In the last week of the month Southampton, London, Liverpool, Bristol and Plymouth received major raids in the night. In December Manchester and Sheffield were also added to the list of raided cities. Before the year was out London was burning from the great fire raid on the 29th December. The dome of St Paul stood out...

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