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The Blessing Essay

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The Blessing
“Ok concentrate!”, “stop paying attention to what they’re saying” I was telling that to myself, though I couldn’t stop listening to what all those ladies sitting under crystal bubbles were saying while the others, with their hair full of aluminum were being pampered by kind girls in their hairdressers uniforms. I was waiting for my mom to get her hair done - you know even the most brilliant woman must go to the hair dresser’s and get her hair done. I took my book though, because I can’t stand taking part of those frivolous conversations in which more than one poor soul ends up shattered from so much gossip. I can still remember the book I was reading “à la recherche su ...view middle of the document...

But her clear, calmed voice told me to get to the hospital, while she took that “aluminum” off her hair. Another woman that was also at the hair dressers and was now looking petty again, offered to take me to the hospital. And there I was; going straight to the hospital, not knowing whether my dad was already dead, not knowing where he had been shot, and therefore, imagining all sorts of things. I couldn’t say a word while I was in there. I was just praying, waiting for the best out of he worst. When we were almost there, I managed to say: “we always think that all the horrible things can only happen to others, and never to us, how insensible is that.”

At the hospital, my cousin was waiting for me, he didn’t say anything. He just hugged me. I could see his soul through his beautiful green eyes. The sorrow wouldn’t let him talk. Then I looked behind him, two of my dad’s employees were there; they had been crying. Finally I asked him what I was so afraid of knowing “where was he shot?” Another pause; then my cousin, looking at me in the eye, said “he got shot right here” while he raised his hand straight to his chest, right in the middle. I felt dizzy. My legs were weak; I threw myself into his arms. I couldn’t stop crying now. What was life going to be like without my dad? All those action movies I had seen came back to me - all it takes is a bullet right in the middle of your chest, and you die, right? - “Is he dead?” I asked, hoping I hadn’t. “No, he isn’t!, he will be fine, the surgeon is examining him at this time” a streak of light came to give me hope. My dad wasn’t dead. It was all too much, I had to seat down. My whole body was shaking wildly.
My dad got shot on his way to work, after having a business lunch with three of his most trusted and valued employees. When they left the restaurant they got caught in a traffic jam. But ten minutes later, the car was surrounded by three guys in motorcycles, with clothes carefully covering their license plates. My dad knew perfectly well what was going to happen next. He immediately tried without luck, to get out of the jam by passing the avenue’s center divider strip and taking the road that went in the opposite direction which was not blocked. But the car was very low, and it couldn’t pass the divider strip. This got the criminals even more nervous and they began to shoot. Then they left as fast as they had showed up.
The most interesting part of the whole story is that with so many people there, no body seemed to care, nobody yelled, no body moved, everything was as quiet as any other Friday afternoon....

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