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The Birth Of A New America In The 1960s

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Kenneth A. Messier
The Birth of a New America in the 1960s
December 12, 2010

Part I: The Events of the 1960s that Impacted my Personal Life

The events and issues of the 1960s have impacted my individual life in many different ways. The 1960s was a era of transformation and medical development. There was an important medical advancement from the 1960s that had a major impact on a life close to mine and it was the birth control pill. A female friend of mine had starting taking birth control medication at a young age for several reasons.
The main reason she was using birth control was for the medical benefits. She was in her early twenties when she revealed a lump in her breast ...view middle of the document...

I believe taking birth control has prohibited her from becoming an adolescent mother and kept her from having a child that she could not meet the expense of. I know that my friend’s mother labored very hard and had to fight back as a single parent, and I did not desire that kind of life for one of my best friends.
Another major advancement of the 1960s was the right for women to have an abortion. One of my closest friends, who were fifteen at the time, explained to me that she was expecting. I was surprised; because I didn’t know she had lost her virginity and was sexually active with her boyfriend. My friend’s grandmother had been raising her and didn’t want her to find out what was going on. She was upset, because she wasn’t ready to become a mother at an immature age. She wanted me to go with her to the clinic to have the abortion. I was unaware that a minor could have an abortion procedure without parental permission. “The state of Maryland does not require consent or notification to be given to the parents of minors requesting abortions,” (Parental Consent, 2010).
My friend was bleeding a lot after the abortion and was given a pad to wear to absorb the blood. She said it felt like a vacuum pulling the newborn from her uterus and saw the fetus after it was removed. I fear if it wasn’t for abortion laws being passed, my friend would have been a teenage mother and a high school dropout. My friend having an abortion had a major effect on me. It made me think twice about having sex at a young age knowing how it can change a person’s life, especially for a adolescent woman.
If it wasn’t for the voting rights act of 1965, I probably wouldn’t ever vote. The voting rights act of 1965 made sure people that wanted to vote didn’t get hassled or have bureaucratic obstructions to reject them of their legal right to vote. Voting is very important to me, because I make sure I was registered to vote, once I was old enough. There are many people have died and been locked up for citizens to have the right to vote. I make sure I take advantage of the opportunity to vote at every election. I am proud American and know that so many people have fought for other Americans and other races to have equal rights. I would tell me niece and nephew that they could be anything they want in life. I never really thought that I would live long enough to see the first black President of the Unites States of America. This has really opened my eyes to see that a lot of racial barriers have been broken in the United States. Now I truly know that everybody can achieve any objects they chase in life.
Part II: The 1960s Impact on My Career Path & Discipline

I am currently majoring in Business Administration to obtain my bachelor’s degree. The equal rights movement of the 1960s has changed the way the world views and treats many Americans. The movement of the 1960s has made it possible for me to go to school and work towards becoming an entrepreneur. Owning...

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