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The Big M Essay

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The Big M
Masturbation is not a common topic of conversation. The topic of masturbation is one that is kept in private. Masturbation is only the “manipulation of the genital organs for pleasure, usually to orgasm… [also known as] self-manipulation, but it can also be used to describe manipulation of or by a sexual partner, exclusive of sexual intercourse”, people speak of it as if it is a secret(“Masturbation” Encyclopedia). ‘Why?’ the question some people may wonder. It is because masturbation is an immoral act. Masturbation is an immoral act because it denies a chaste life and gives a false sense of what sex is about. Masturbation also leaves a feeling of emptiness leading to actual sex ...view middle of the document...

Evert states that “Sexuality is meant to be a gift between husband and wife for the purpose of babies and bonding, when it is taken out of that context the gift is degraded- and in the case of masturbation, altogether ceases being a gift” (123). And we do not want to mess up God’s plan do we?
The second reason for the immorality of masturbation is the false sense of what sex is about. This false sense of actual sex is that masturbation gives a person, the pleasure and the relief of stress that is needed. Masturbation goes against the use of the reproductive organ. Friedrichs says that “masturbation is not a sign that you are a pervert or oversexed. It is a normal way to experience sexual pleasure” (Friedrichs). This, in fact, is false because the normal way to experience sexual pleasure is during actual vaginal sexual intercourse. Unfortunately this is unable to be realized by people because “Masturbation is, as Laqueur says, ‘the crack cocaine of sex’ ” (Diski). Yes while it is a non refutable fact that masturbation is pleasurable, it is also true that masturbation is not, and will never be, sex. This is a thing many think when masturbating; how real the sensation of sex is, when in actuality they may have never experienced it. These masturbators need to realize that there is more to feeling good then sex, or what a person may think sex feels like.
The feeling of emptiness after masturbation is a yearning for love, God’s love. People often confuse this with wanting more sexually either from more masturbation, or even actual sex. Some people “of sexual behavior extol [masturbation’s] virtues as being healthy, pleasurable, sedative, and a release of tension. Masturbation is a widely used element in sex therapy” (“Masturbation” Encyclopedia). In Actuality masturbation is just being used as an excuse to relieve tension and remove stress even going so far as to name it “sex therapy”. The actual thing that masturbation gives is not relief or sexual therapy; it gives a hole, a void of emptiness left behind. People often do not realize that there is this hole; they just think that masturbation was so helpful the first time that it should be done again. Friderichs’ article on “The Complete Guide To Masturbation” gives myths and facts and one of them is: “The Myth: Only lonely, single people masturbate. The Facts: Plenty of people masturbate whether they are in relationships or not. In fact, some...

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