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The Big Idea Essay

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Case Study: The Big Idea
Maria Ackley
Southern New Hampshire University
August 14, 2016
Dr. Beth Loftus
MGT 700-Critical Issues in Management

Case Study: The Big Idea
The case study will focus on how health care providers must provide guidance in creating a good way to making a change in service provision. It has been a challenge for health care leaders to reduce costs associated with service delivery to patients. Many attempts including reducing levels of frauds and errors, technological improvements to encourage patients to visit their units and use of lines that are practice guided, but have all flopped making the solution hard to come by. Formulating a new strategy for the ...view middle of the document...

The IPUs should be concerned about the treatment of diseases and the associated conditions as well as engaging patients and their families in the whole process. All the personnel must work towards maximizing the patient’s benefit through providing the best services. For example, attend a back pain patient in the same unit rather than referring them to different specialists. In primary care, multidisciplinary teams organize themselves with the aim to serve different patients with same health care needs, for example, diabetic patients or physically challenged elderly patients.
2. Measure outcomes and costs for every patient
Being the second value health care component, it requires the management to estimate their results by comparing their performance especially with that of others. Failure to track the organization’s performance has led to the collapse of many health care facilities. For example, many have not realized full benefits of value system since they do not know their patients’ outcome or total resources used in serving their patients in the entire cycle. It should be a good practice that the health care providers maintain proper medical information on outcomes and costs for every patient.
3. Move to bundled payments for care cycles
Ensure that you arrive at a payment approach that covers the full care cycle for acute medication, overall health care for chronic conditions and preventive care for a given population. Bundled payment will lead to improved teamwork and best service delivery such as realized by Walmart’s program participants (Fogel, 2010). The bundled payment approach will increase the volume of service provision as well as improve the value to patients.
4. Integrated care delivery across separate facilities
It is important for the health care providers to integrate systems so as to avoid any fragmentation and duplication in the care provision...

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