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The Big Five Essay

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How can the “Big 5” personality dimensions enhance acculturation? Provide an example (situation or scenario) for each of the 5 dimensions.

1. Extraversion
Those with this personality trait have the tendency to be more outgoing, energetic, sociable, assertive and talkative in the company of others. Besides that, extraverts are highly motivated to seek social situations and are normally associated with leadership, thus are likely to be dominant in those situations. Certainly motivated by change and challenge, they are seen as adaptive, ambitious and hardworking which helps them to acculturate better. Take for example if an American extravert was to come and live in Singapore, being more ...view middle of the document...

Eventually, the foreigner would be able to form a better interpersonal relationship with the people in the same company with his or her through social interaction.

3. Conscientiousness
Conscientious people tend to show self-discipline, good impulse control and goal-directed behaviours. Those highly conscientious ones would tend to be organized and mindful of details, showing a preference for planned rather than spontaneous behavior. It influences the way in which we control, regulate and direct their impulses. An example would be an European expatriate travelling to China, he or she must be mindful of his or her manner because it is a country that has long been known for its ceremonies and etiquette through the ages and it can be something of a culture shock when it comes to the social niceties between China and the western world. By making an effort to learn some table manners or Mandarin to introduce him or herself, it tells the locals that the expatriate is aware of their practices and traditions, creating a good first impression and establishing an interpersonal relationship even in a formal setting or occasion.

4. Neuroticism
People high in neuroticism are emotionally reactive and experience emotional instability, anxiety, moodiness, instability and sadness. They respond emotionally to events that would not affect most people and their reactions tend to be more intense than normal and even interpret ordinary situations as threatening and minor frustrations as hopelessly difficult. These problems can diminish the...

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