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The Bet Essay. With Quotes And Examples Cited From This Story, This Litterary Essay Will Prove That Reading Books Is A Fun Thing To Do

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By yourself, you learn to read books. In The Bet, by Anton Chekhov, The author described the many things that a man, who took a bet for two million dollars that he can stand prison for 15 years read during his stay. Reading Books is a fun, enlightening experience that gives you more knowledge than most people think. Books can travel you through vast places, have you hunt in the deep jungles, swim through the deepest ocean and fly like the wind.Through reading books, you can feel like you were really there in real life, even though you only read the book. The man in prison felt this way in many books he ...view middle of the document...

The main character in The Bet felt that he gained and learned everything from books by studying, and plans to use it in his everyday life for as long as he lived."For fifteen years I have been intently studying Earthy life. Your Books have given me much wisdom. All that the unresting thought of man has created in the ages is compressed into a small compass of my brain. I know that I am wiser than all of you."Books can be so addicting, that people can get lured into reading books for very long periods of times. Just like eating ice cream or candy, you can be addicted to them almost instantly. The main character in The Bet got so lured into the books, that he made it his passion and never stopped reading. He read night and day, most of the time getting very little sleep."In the second half of his sixth year, he began zealously studying languages, philosophy and history. He threw himself eagerly into these studies- so much that the banker had enough to do, just getting him the books he requested. In four years, six hundred volumes were requested to be studied."Books can be fun, exiting and even a habit. Books can put you into unimaginable places that you couldn't even think you could travel. Books serve as many tools of being studied and read for knowledge business also. Books were made to stir the mind of the reader, and always will.

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