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The Best Man For The Job

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The Best Man For the Job

I found Othello, the 1995 film, to be a close adaptation of the written play read in class, but in the part of Othello there are notable variances between the film and the written play that may be accounted for by the actor's interpretation of Othello. Through his persona, Lawrence Fishburn portrayed Othello as commanding more clout in the film than he did in the written play, and Fishburn portrayed Othello as having less emotional intimacy with Desdemona in the film than he did in the written play.

When Othello is summoned before the Duke to answer Brabantio's charges of thievery, he exhibits much clout, as he appears calm and composed in the filmed ...view middle of the document...

Further, as Othello address the Duke in the written play, the reader sees the humbling words: (1)"Most potent, grave, and reverend signiors, My very noble and approved good masters." These appear to be the words of one in search of mercy from his judges. Furthermore, when he recounts his history with Desdemona, there is no sign of him walking over to Brabantio and looking down on him as he speaks of the history. Rather, the reader is inclined to think that Othello is addressing the Duke directly because he starts recount by addressing Brabantio as "Her Father". Clearly, without the authoritative tone of Fishburn's voice, the reader is inclined to see Othello in a state of meekness rather than clout while he recounts his history with Desdemona to the Duke.

While Fishburn portrays Othello as having much clout in the filmed version, he portrays Othello as having less emotional intimacy with Desdemona. When Othello rejoins with Desdemona at Cyprus, he gives her a big hug and two long, passionate kisses, but he doesn't look into her eyes very long before he is off greeting Montano. Fishburn appears to show more physical intimacy with Desdemona by greeting her with hugs and kisses than emotional intimacy suggested by the passionate, intimate words given in the written play for this scene.

Although the filmed version shows Othello as having little emotional intimacy in the scene when he rejoins Desdemona at Cyprus, the written play delivers a very passionate, intimate line from Othello to Desdemona in this scene. The reader is lead to believe that Othello is very emotionally intimate with Desdemona when he...

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