The Best Day Of My Life

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Most Memorable Day Of My Life
good memories. Above all, the experience that I tripped to abroad at the first time is the most memorable day, I think. When I was a high school student at the first...
Memorable Days
memorable days and experiences. It may be good or bad, happy or sad, or simply because we are with our special someone. But some experiences can cause us trauma when...
The Most Memorable Day Of My Life
to my husband made my birthday so special. I had the greatest twentieth birthday. My husband was so sweet and romantic. That was the most memorable day of my life...
My Sweet Memorable Days
I feel the absence of them and I got pain being missing them. I never forgot these sweet memorable days which I left. I miss the sweet ...view middle of the document...

Dec. 31, 2013 was my idea of a perfect day. Twenty-four hours full of McChicken's, loud music, and my best friend's.

I don't quite remember what time I had woken up on my memorable day, the irony. It was the afternoon though, I know that because McDonald's
was now serving lunch. I'm a very easy person to please. McChickens, large fries, and sweat tea's are all that a woman like me needs. (I'm not too morbidly
obese, I promise.) That being said, wearing last night's clothes my friend's and I embarked on our journey to the Golden Arches. Our mind's filled with the
twisted intention to devour all things of the dollar menu.

My friend's and I are the stereotypical punks your parents warn you about. Most of my day consisted of running around town in rich kid's cars. Running
errands and being menaces to society. Wearing our grunge flannels and mall bought band T's we polluted the town with Flat-Bush zombies and all of the other
artist's you'd clench your jaw and cover your ears to.

Mid-night was getting closer and the hood-rat activites were commencing. I'd go into detail more about those, but I believe I have already shamed
my family name enough. As the clock struck twelve I kissed my two best friend's because I am lonely and I have no self-respect. We all held our glasses high, toasted,
and chugged our grape juice. Although we are rebels, we still respect the law.

2013 could not have ended in a more appropriate way. I would say if   I could go back I would, but my life continues to grow weirder with each day and
I am utterly enjoying it. I plan on making this year just as exhilarating and look forward to the day I can look back in nostalgia.

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