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The Benefits Of Twisted Pair Cable

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CIS 175: Network + Guide To Networks

November 04, 2013
After analyzing the network system that is presently being used I would recommend moving to a star network topology and using cat5e cables for the network. The star network has the advantage of adding nodes or work stations as the business grows. When it comes to monitoring and troubleshooting the system, it is made easier due to the centralization of the hub/switches. The reliability of a star network is another advantage to the company. If one node or workstation fails in the network the rest of the network is affected by the failure. While the star topology has many advantages it also has some ...view middle of the document...

The UTP cable contains pairs of copper wires that are covered with an insulating material and then are twisted around each other to help with the cancellation of crosstalk. UTP cable has a few advantages, one of which is the size. Due to its small size in can be run easily through duct work or in the ceiling and allows you to install more cables in wiring ducts. UTP is compatible with most network systems and is easy to install and the cost be foot is less than other cable types. The other cable type is (STP) and is the same as UTP but is shielded. Four pairs of wires are wrapped with a metallic braid or metallic foil to protect from crosstalk. The added protection makes the cost of STP more expensive compared to UTP. STP is more difficult to install, if not grounded properly the protective shield will act as an antenna and pick up unwanted signals. Because of this STP and the cost it is not normally used in Ethernet networks. The distance of cable length of Cat 5e or Cat 6 is 328 feet compared to the thousand feet of the coaxial cable before the transmission strength begins to diminish. This can be overcome by adding a switch or repeater to boost the signal which will cost about $65.00 each. That would add to the cost depending on how many are needed. The cheapest way to buy the Cat 5e UTP cable is in bulk and will cost around $83.00 for a thousand feet of the cat 5e standard cable and the male ends. The other cable type is fiber optics. Fiber optic cables are strands of insulated glass that transmit information using pulses of light. The cables are for long distances and very high bandwidth network communications. Fiber optics offers extremely high bandwidth and resistance to the electrical interference and also has a...

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