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The Beneficial Aspects Of Computer Proficiency Amongst Students

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The Beneficial Aspects of Computer Proficiency Amongst Students

Over the course of the past two decades, the rapid growth of technology has been astounding. Gizmos and gadgets have evolved into our everyday lives causing us to become completely dependent on it. Technology has also been incredibly beneficial and helpful, changing what was once impossible into incredibly practical. Smart phones allow us to record our favorite television programs from hundreds of miles away. iPod’s can store tens of thousands of songs from our favorite musical groups. For good or for worse, technology is taking on a life of its own and is here to stay.
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The courses varied from typing skills to web page development, and even basic computer animation. I was able to explore different interfaces and find many ways in which to receive, send, and transport files. Completing these courses on a satisfactorily level helped me to observe different aspects of the computer which allows me to understand their capabilities even more. These courses have made me more proficient in everyday computer functions allowing me to approach college writing with a tremendous amount of confidence.
The modern college curriculum consists of several high volume writing classes, including classes that have nothing to do with writing. College life in itself tends to be very stressful so fitting major papers into the schedule is difficult. Students heading to college need to be quick typists in order to efficiently and effectively complete writing assignments on time. Spending too much time just getting the words onto paper and not enough on the actual content and quality of the work is not a successful plan. Along with appropriate typing skills, students need to understand how to save, print, and even transfer files effectively. Many professors require hard copies of writing assignments and students don’t want a grade reduction due to avoidable mistakes. In addition, having your own laptop in college has become almost the norm. The access to your own computer makes writing papers virtually hassle free. If high school students can demonstrate computer proficiency before graduation, their general knowledge of the PC will relate to a positive experience when they purchase their own. The student will be able to seek features he or she wants in addition to understanding different components and systems. For those who say that paying for a laptop on top of high tuition costs is out of reach, many universities provide PC grants. Just like financial aid, colleges provide grants to students who qualify. Students should buy through the school because many institutions have deals with computer manufacturers greatly lowering the final cost.
With the progressive development of voice recognition software, users can simply speak into a microphone and the program will type out the text onto a word document. Students may be saying: “Why do I need to show computer proficiency? I can just buy that software and it will type my paper for me. Not only will this save me time, I won’t have to touch the computer once.” The best voice recognition software, according to, is Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred. Not only is it expensive, ranging from $50 used and no less than $150.00 new, it also takes up one gigabyte of hard drive space. In addition, tech support is only free for the first 90 days, meaning there are enough issues with the software that the company feels comfortable giving the user three months of free support. also reported that the program works best with Windows office...

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