The Beliefs Of Christians Today About Euthanasia

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The Beliefs of Christians Today about Euthanasia

Euthanasia is a widely discussed and strongly opinionated topic.
People hold there own views on it, but the Christian society have
specific reasons for their beliefs.

The liberal Church of England (those who practice situation ethics)
believes that anything that is the loving thing to do is correct
morally and religiously. They might say that voluntary euthanasia is
correct. It may end a patients life humanely, shorten the grief of
loved ones, and it may be the loving thing to grant that patients last
wish, even though that may be to die via euthanasia. As long as every
aspect of the use of ...view middle of the document...

If the person gives permission, as I
said previously, it is ending your life before god has intended. Acts
17:2 suggests that God has fixed our life span, and so if we are to
take our lives before god intended it, we are therefore taking gods
power into our own hands, disobeying him and going against Christian
teaching. Psalms 139:13-16 also talks of how god created us, and knew
us before any other. So you should not disobey him and take your own
life, or allow it to be taken from you. You should praise him

Genesis 27 refers to God creating man in his own image. In the same
kind of way, 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 says that the body is a temple of
the Holy Ghost and we should worship god with our body, as it is not
really our own. In terms of euthanasia these are very important parts
in the decision unto whether it is right or wrong. If we are to take
our lives via voluntary euthanasia, we are committing a sin against
god, because we are effectively taking a part of god. The person who
takes a life via euthanasia is committing murder, but not just murder,
they are murdering a part of god. So from this perspective,
euthanasia, according to Christians euthanasia is very wrong morally
and religiously.

Active euthanasia, by few churches is frowned upon. Some might that is
goes against the fact that God has planned peoples lives, but in fact
it may just be that we are trying too hard to preserve life. It is not
really euthanasia when you turn off a life support machine, because
the natural thing will occur. In Genesis 1:28, humans are said to have
a responsibility to use Gods gift of life to the full. This gift in
life is used to the full, but some people's pre-conception is that
life ends at death. The...

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