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The Belief Essay

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The Belief

History 101- Western Civilization to 1689

Religion has been the epitome of war, discrimination and coercive policies that has facilitated how we live in the eyes of public opinion but the freedom obtained from individual personal beliefs has reinvented how we worship, where we worship, who we worship and if we should worship. Ruled by the idea to live by site ignited a weakness in faith that many claim to hold so dear as they looked for strength in anything but God while easily ruled over by others in a god like manner. The issues to be considered are how the film depicted religion during the times of Ancient Egypt, the religious beliefs and the role of the Pharaoh in the ...view middle of the document...

The word Monotheism derives from the Greek words theos – which means god and monos which means one. Polytheism is the belief in many gods. Polytheistic religions include all religions except Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism, the only monotheistic religions. A character trait of all monotheistic religions that has shown up all through history is that they believe that God created all reality and is totally self-sufficient. Also monotheistic religions are exclusive. They deny existence of gods of all other religions, unlike polytheists who believe that there can be more gods than what they themselves worship, The only time that Monotheists have been seen as tolerant of other religions is when they are beginning to move from monotheism to polytheisms and see other gods as reincarnations of their god to help explain away their ultimate God. Monotheism was the first religion. Belief in God began with Adam and Eve though some say that the true monotheistic religions began with either Abraham or Moses when he received the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai. As religions de-evolved many became polytheists. They became polytheists because they wanted gods that they could control themselves to explain away, or give licenses to their lifestyles that God would not tolerate. Many secular philosophers and even some theologians argue that monotheism evolved from polytheism saying that “Polytheistic faiths were more primitive and monotheistic faiths more advanced – culturally, ethically, and philosophically.” According to those who have no belief in God whatsoever, if polytheism came from monotheism, it must have de-evolved. It could not have evolved.
The people of Israel had a relationship with God from the beginning of their existence through Abraham the Patriarch, Isaac, and Jacob. Jacob was the father of twelve sons called the twelve tribes of Israel. Families in these days were very fruitful. Joseph was one of the sons of Jacob who was the first Israelite to be sold as a slave in Egypt. He had a powerful relationship with his God and through miracles he became second in command to Pharaoh. Joseph brought his father, brothers, and their whole family into the blessings and favor of Pharaoh. Joseph had many experiences that he faced but never lost faith in God. Joseph never created problems in his family. He was a very humble person to everyone. They lived peaceful and prosperous in Egypt for many years until the ruler ship of an evil pharaoh called Raamses who enslaved the Israelites. The Ten Commandments was compiled from many sources and contains many materials from three different novels and was written in accordance with the ancient texts of Philo, Josephus, Eusebius, The Midrash and The Holy Scriptures.
The Israelites had strong faith in God and prayed for deliverance from the bondage of slavery. God heard their prayers, saw their pain, and gave them a deliverer called Moses. Pharaoh heard they were praying for a deliverer and...

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