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The Beginnings Of The Sectional Crisis

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The Beginnings of the Sectional Crisis

During the antebellum period, the North and the South were complete opposites. This led to each side viewing itself as superior and viewing the other as "backward." Each side believed itself to be superior, in all aspects, to the other. The reasons for these opinions can be found in the different economic, social, and cultural systems found in these two regions.

The Southern economy was primarily agricultural. This economy, like many other agricultural economies, did not allow for a great deal of social mobility. The South also lacked factories, or much industry. However, this was not the main difference between the North and the South. Most ...view middle of the document...

In the North, they saw, factory owners became rich while their employees lived in a state of poverty. Slavery was the great unifier of Southern society.

Poor Southerners also supported the "peculiar institution", because it ensured that even the poorest white man was higher than a black man was. This was why Southerners said it preserved social order. Slavery, essentially, gave poor whites someone to look down upon and mock. To an agrarian society the preservation of a rigid class system is of primary concern, unfortunately, this was the only way the South could preserve it was through slavery.

Northerners believed slavery was contrary to America's industrious nature. They believed a free labor was a more efficient system of production. Slavery did not provide incentives for work so the natural assumption was that slaves would only perform the minimum amount of work. Plantation life would make the slaveholders believe they were near gods, because they were used to ruling over their slaves with an iron-fist. This arrogance, they affirmed, led to disrespect for the law. Thus, this picture is painted of a lawless south ruled by an aristocracy. Frederick Law Olmsted, Northern journalist and urban planned, stated in 1854 "The Southerner, however, is greatly wanting in hospitality of mind, closing his doors to all opinions and schemes to which he has been bred a stranger, with a contempt and bigotry which sometimes seems incompatible with his character as a gentleman. He has a large but inexpensive mind." One can see how each region, or section, believed its culture was superior to the other.

It was this ethnocentrism, more than anything was, which led to...

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