The Beginning Of My Start: It’s Never Too Late For College

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The Beginning of My Start: It’s Never Too Late for College

As a youth I have always wanted to attend college. My family did not encourage going to college and I wanted to be different. After graduating from high school my plans to go to college were delayed. I became a parent at the age of 19 and my life began a new journey. I was still determine to go to college and continue my education. After becoming a mother my plans for going to college was put on the bottom of my list. It was always in my heart because it was something that I wanted to accomplish. I started working for a company where I was promoted several times and my plan to continue my education began to fade away. I ...view middle of the document...

I wanted to show my children how important education is and encourage them to go to college. My oldest daughter was so excited about us attending school at the same time. She said if my mother can do it I can too. My oldest daughter continued her education and received a dual degree in Computer Engineer/Music Education. I finally completed my Associate’s degree and a feeling of accomplishment encourage me to get my Bachelor’s degree.
Furthermore, for the past several years there has been a great rise for continuing education and knowledge qualifications in the job market. Higher education today is required for the entry level positions. I was in a position for over 10 years and was paid between minimum and midpoint of that salary grade. If I had a degree my salary would have been more. The qualification for the job required at least a Bachelor’s degree. I was on this job for over 14 years with experience only. I did not have any type of degree. I knew everything there was to know about the job itself but I had no education knowledge. After several years they hired a Manager and I was responsible for training the Manager. After my experience with this job I was ready to continue my education and get the knowledge required by today’s job market.
Finally, the main reason for me...

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