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In the beginning God create the heavens and the earth. At the time the earth was like a void, darkness everywhere consuming the planet, and God said four words, “and let there be light.” Then there on that planet earth God separated light from dark. He blessed the light and called the light day, and he cursed the dark and called it night. The second day has arrived. God then said the waters from waters, and called to the expansion of heaven. The third day came. God wanted to fill the gap in the water, so God created dry land, and made the gathered water seas. Now he said there should be vegetation on the earth. The third day has passed. God said let there is the expansion of time telling ...view middle of the document...

After the fall of man, God forced Adam and Eve out of the land made for them, the land of Eden. They had to hunt for themselves find shelter with no help and find available water to drink. After then years have past, and then came along a kid named Cain, and not so long after that came a brother, he was named Able. Cain being the first born was given the responsibilities of ground keeping making sure everything was okay in there home, such as the orchard. It was time to give offering to the lord. Cain, being the first born, gave his present first. The offering that Cain was given was a random fruit from the ground. Able then decided to give the lord an offering of his first-born flock. God was thankful for Abel’s offering, and not regarding Cain’s offering. God asked why Cain was angry, and told him beware if you angry sin is crouching at your door. Then Cain went to Able in the fields and killed him. As God approached by, God said were is Able. Cain lied to God and said I do not know, am I my brother’s keeper. God said what have you done, you have cursed the ground. Your brother’s blood is screaming out from below. Now the earth’s plants will not be as strong as they used to be.
After the consequences of the flood many people were weary of God for most have thought that God had abandon man and must move on with there life and others have just forgot about God and found new things to cherish instead of God. God sees evil in man through out time and regrets making man. Out of all hope god finds good in a man named Noah, and Noah found favor in the eyes of the lord. God blessed Noah, and Noah would walk with God. For the generations of Noah were righteous, and blameless. God told Noah to make the boat out of Gopher wood. The length of the boat is 50 feet in breadth, 30 feet in height, and 300 feet in length. After the lord stops the rain of the earth in the 140th day of rain, the flood stops. Noah tries to see if there is land to for the animals to walk on, so he sends out a raven to see if the raven can find a place to land. If not the raven will come back to the boat. The flood went down for man to walk on. On day 601st, on the second month, on the 27th day days of the flood the raven did not come back. To make sure that this was true he then sent a dove to find more land. The dove did not come back either. So Noah stepped out of the ark and let the animals roam. Outside the ark was a bright light from above and was called a rainbow. It was symbol given to us meaning that he will never flood the earth again.

In the beginning there was only one langue and we had the same words and meanings. The people of Noah’s descendants have migrated to the east land and called the place Shinar. One of the leaders, Nimrod, heard the stories of God and wanted to be in heaven. So he told the people of Shinar come build this tower to got to heaven with out God’s help. He used every brick for stone, and bitumen for mortar/cement. Lord new what they were...

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