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The Banking Sector Is The Most Important Sector For The Financially Capable A Country

578 words - 3 pages

An Internship Report

Islamic Shariah Basis Banking Operations of Dhaka Bank Limited

Submitted To:

Dr. Sharif Hossain

Asst. Professor

Department of Accounting & Information Systems

Faculty of Business Studies

University of Dhaka

Submitted By:

Md.Ali-Asraf Khan
Roll No.: 64, Sec-A
BBA 7th Batch
Department of AIS
University of Dhaka

Date of Submission: 14 June, ...view middle of the document...

A lot of effort & study has been involved in preparing this report a reality.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude & heartfelt thanks to my honorable teacher Professor Jagadish Chandra Sukla Das, Chairman of Department of Management Studies, University of Dhaka, who grant me to do my internship in Dhaka Bank Limited. I also express my deep sense of gratitude reverend teacher & supervisor Professor Dr. Nazmul Karim Chowdhury, Department of Management Studies, DU, for his constant supervision, moral support, valuable instruction & helpful advice during the course of studies & research work.

I would like to express my warm gratitude & cordial thanks to my another supervisor, Md. Sirajul Hoque, EVP & Manager of Dhaka Bank Limited Islamic Banking Branch, Md. Wahidur Rahman Chowdhury,AVP & Ms. Syeda Sowkat Ara, Principle officer of Investment Division of DBL IBB, Mr. Salauddin Ahmed, SAVP & Mr. Saiful Karim Chowdhury, AVP of Training Institute of DBL, for their kind prior permission & introducing me to different section where received generous helps. Their direction, critical comments criticism, generous patience greatly helped me in improving the research capability writing skills. It would have been quite impossible to carry on the dissertation & give it a final shape without their encouragement. It is beyond my ability to thanks all of those marvelous people who have contributed for preparation of this report.

The name worth mentioning is Ms. Alkona K. Chowdhury, FAVP of HRD of DBL, who allowed me to do my internship in her organization.

Finally, I am deeply indebted to my family, teachers & friends whose invaluable support & encouragement have done much to make this report a successful one.

Table of Contents

|Description |Page No. |
|Executive Summary |1 |
|Introduction | |
|Origin of the Report |2 |
|Objectives of the Study |2 |
|Purpose of the Report |3 |
|Methodology |3 |
|Limitations |4 |
| ...

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