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The Bad Thing About Being Over Confident (Bike Style)

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In September 24, 2003, it was a scorching hot autumn day just as the afternoon began. I, a kindergartener, was just like any other four year old whippersnapper. Everything seemed to me was either boring or a nuisance. There was nothing out of the ordinary until Dad brought up a pleasing idea. "I think you should use your remaining free time to start practicing your skills to sharpen your balance on the bike," suggested Dad while staring at a bicycle advertisement on our humongous Samsung plasma flat-screen TV.

"Alright then. I'll try to develop my skills of riding a bike," I muttered. My dad and I decided that since I didn't have any plans on my mind, I could learn how to ride a bike ...view middle of the document...

"Dad, since I'm getting the gist of balancing my bicycle, you might as well deposit these eerie and gruesome sounded training wheels back into our jumbo, sabotaged warehouse," I confessed with determination toward Dad.

"Just as you know son, getting your hopes to where you have full optimism on your bike riding skills," Dad protested.
After Dad removed the preposterous training wheels, abruptly, I grew with exhilaration. Finally, I began to cycle down road without Dad. "Wait! Hold on!" Dad yelled with ferocious anger.

"I'll be back after five minutes." I replied. Racing down the street without a pair of training wheels was nothing more than a handful of blissfulness. Because of gaining full confidence, I repetitively looked behind my bike and thinking that nothing of misfortune would happen. Right after I looked back to the front, an elderly pedestrian was in sight. Seven feet away from the old-timer, I vociferated with anxiety, "Please watch out. Get out of the way!" Apparently, the old geezer didn't hear anything that I said. Right after I turned a hard left where heaps of humongous piles of dried leaves lay, my vermillion scarlet Schwinn...

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