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The Babysitter From Hell Essay

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The Babysitter from Hell I remember it like it was yesterday. When I was about five years old, my parents hired a babysitter for me. My parents were going out to dinner and then to a party afterwards. I was excited because they would be out very, very late (like, until midnight). I had it all planned out. It would have been the night of my life, but that babysitter was not as cool as I thought she'd be. For this story, we'll call her Carrie. When I first learned that my parents were going out and I was going to have a babysitter, who was a teenager, I coagulated a plan. It was a simple plan, but it would have been a lot of fun for everyone, but she, Carrie, was not what I ...view middle of the document...

When we got bored with playing Nintendo, we would watch scary movies until may parents got home, then I would quickly sneak into bed. We would watch any scary movie we could find in the movie cabinet, and eat popcorn smothered in butter and salt. It would be just like our own private movie theatre. We would turn out the lights to make it even scarier. I wouldn't have to worry about bad, scary dreams because I was five. My bed would be all set for me to jump into as soon as my parents got home. That way, they wouldn't know of all the fun and excitement we had together. Carrie and me would get along so well that she would be my babysitter for all time. But, boy oh boy, was I wrong. Just because she was a teenager didn't mean that she would be cool. She was the worst babysitter I ever had. She followed all the rules my parents gave her, and not a single rule of mine. For dinner my parents told her that there was liverwurst and frozen peas and broccoli. I really hated liverwurst and peas and broccoli, but she made me eat it. After dinner she wouldn't even help me take the toys out of the toy boxes. Even worse, she wouldn't let me take out more than one toy at a time. And, every toy I took out I had to put it away before I was allowed to play with something else. Then, with the Nintendo, she wouldn't let me into my parents' room to get it out to play with. I even tried the "but my dad let's me...

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