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The Auditor Book Summary Essay

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The Auditor, an instructional novella written by James K. Loebbecke, tells the story of Jack Butler, a man from the San Francisco Bay area, who goes to college, majors in accounting, and goes to work for a large accounting firm referred to as “The Firm.” The story is loosely based upon the real world experiences of the author, and is written to give students a look into the world of public accounting that goes beyond a textbook. The Auditor not only gives students a chance to follow Jack Butler’s journey up the company ladder at The Firm, but also reiterates the relative importance of conventional lessons learned in school.
The story begins with a nerve filled morning for Jack Butler. He ...view middle of the document...

Jack’s descriptions of his relationships with Bear and Barbara show students how important work relationships can be to be to an auditor’s success within a firm.
The second chapter begins with a “celebration” lunch between Barbara and Jack. During the lunch, Barbara shares a story with Jack about an experience she had with a former manager of theirs named Stan. She told Jack that Stan had been rude with her in the past and described a time when she felt she was sexually harassed by him at the office. Jack was surprised to learn this had happened, but was impressed with the way Barbara handled herself in response to the incident. Barbara sharing this story with Jack showed that she trusted him, and considered him a friend. This story brings to attention one of the problems women may encounter while in the industry and gives an example of how it was handled in this particular instance. The chapter ends with Jack returning home and discussing the pros and cons of being a partner with his wife, Libby. Jack is looking forward to many of the perks, such as private golf club memberships, but is worried that the extra hours and responsibilities may affect his family life.
The third chapter flashes back to Jack’s high school days. He talks about his golf game and how he made his decision to attend Farwestern State University. Jack goes on to describe his years in college, stating that he had intended to major in pre-law, but developed a knack for accounting and was accepted into the accounting program his junior year. He also speaks of his counselor, Wally Garner, who played a large role in his development as an accounting student. Wally was responsible for about twenty students and referred to them as “Wally’s Raiders.” Jack describes how influential this group of students was to his success. By participating with other students in Wally’s group, Jack was able to develop relationships and mentoring skills that would help him later in his career. The chapter ends with Jack describing the different career options he considered during his senior year. Jack goes through most of the options for accounting majors, such as going into industry, working for government, becoming an internal auditor, or working in public accounting as a CPA with an accounting firm. He gives an overview of each sector and then explains how he decided to become a CPA. This gives an example to a student of what decisions they are going to face as they near graduation. This internal deliberation by Jack allows the student to get an idea of the options for employment that are in the job market, and depicts how a student might go about deciding which sector to enter.
The fourth chapter addresses one of the most important issues for an accounting student, getting a job. Jack begins the chapter by describing his job search experience while he was in graduate school. He speaks of going to “Meet the Firms Night” in order to meet with representatives from accounting firms. After...

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