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The Attraction Of Power Essay

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What is the Attraction of Power? Power is primarily the ability to influence and command in social systems. Power must be put to work to be power. Power is to do, to act, to produce, or it is simply energy. Energy and power are similar, but not the same. All power has energy, but not all energy has power.The attraction of power can be summed up by President Vaclav Havel's speech on the temptation of political power. '...power gives you the wonderful opportunity to confirm, day in and day out, that you really exist, that you have your own undeniable identity, that with every word and deed you a leaving a highly visible mark on the world around you.' Julius Caesar is a man of such power. He is ...view middle of the document...

"Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead!/Run hence, proclaim, cry it about the streets". The sounds of the pompous conspirators can be heard about the streets. Caesar is dead and they are proud of it. Would this have taken place if the conspirators were not of high rank, such as senators? Probably not. Cassius and the other Senators had the power to, and committed murder. Brutus though, did not think of it as murder. "People and senators, be affrighted./ Fly not; standstill' ambition's debt has been paid". Brutus announces this so he could convince the people as well as himself that what he had done was not murder, but justice for Rome.The crowd who had turned out to celebrate Caesar's triumph over Pompey whom they had formerly loved is now moved by Brutus, the betrayer of Caesar. They are moved not by reason but out of thoughtless respect for Brutus' honour. Brutus along with the reputation of being honourable has allowed him to have the power to change the people's mind, to his benefit.Brutus allows Mark Antony to speak to the people at Caesar's funeral. Cassius objects to this proposal. Brutus ignores his warnings and demands that Antony will be allowed to speak. Brutus does this because he has the power to make decisions. Although the other senators do not disagree with him, they supported him because he is the most respected and honourable senator. They needed Brutus' support, so they do not want to agitate him. Another instance of Brutus having poor judgement is, "You say you are a better solider:/Let it appear so; make your vaunting true,/And it shall please me well. For mine own part,/I shall be glad to learn of noble men". In this quote Brutus argues with Cassius about sending their troops to Philippi. Brutus feels they should send the troops because they have the larger army. Cassius feel that this is a bad idea. Even though Cassius has the better judgement, and more experience as a soldier, Brutus seems to ignore him. Cassius feel that Brutus had made a bad decision, but say no more about it and agrees with him. In the end Brutus lead the troops to Phillippi. He held the power to make final decisions, because the senators needed his honourable reputation. Brutus' poor judgement led the army to their death.Brutus has power above many others. However, he is not a man who wishes to have more power. Because of his position, he is blind to the fact that he has power although he uses power frequently as seen above. He is often respected, being listened to, and can have his way in doing things. However, his faulty reasoning and poor judgement of men with his overconfidence in the virtues of reason and lofty idealism, leads him to be defeated by Mark Antony.After Caesar is killed, Mark Antony arrives to the crime of scene. His arrival is partly out of loyalty to Caesar and partly out of desire to effect a reconciliation with assassins until he can muster the force to oppose them successfully. Although he says he is prepared to die, he made first...

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