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The Attention Grabbers Of Midnight Cowboy

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Karlee Folk
ENGL-126 - 002W - Film & Literature
June 7th 2012

The opening scene of midnight cowboy does an extremely good job of out lining what the story of the film will be about. With the use of different visual effects of the shots throughout the movie they display the main focus points that will be important during this movie. The movie gives the viewers the main key elements of the movie in the first couple scenes. For example, the main characters name repeated “where’s that Joe Buck.” Or the emphasis on the “cowboy” features in his outfit from head to toe. Finally the almost arrogant or cocky like attitude given through his singing to himself through the mirror. These main ...view middle of the document...

Another effect that the director used to his advantage throughout the opening scene was Joe Buck having flash backs from his child hood. A flash back is a filmed sequence that goes back in time to provide expository material-either when it is most dramatically appropriate and powerful or when it most effectively illuminates the theme (Petrie, G-3). The director does this a couple times as the opening scene goes on. This is done to high light on Joe Buck’s child hood experience so the viewers are able to understand why Joe doing what he is. For example, as Joe walks past an old beauty parlor building he has a flashback. He remembers himself in the room giving an older lady a massage on her shoulders as she sits in the chair. As the blonde women was enjoying the massage that Joe was giving her he receives a kiss on the check by her. After he had the flash black the building then shows a for sale sign as he walks away. The next flash that Joe received was while he was on the bus. This flashback had multiple shots with it. The first was without an image but a voice running through his head as an invisible sound. An invisible sound is where the sound emanating from a source that is not on the screen. (Petrie, G-4). The voice that he is hearing is an older...

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