The Articles Of Confederation Vs. The Us Constitution

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The Articles of Confederation were written to form a government for the new states after they decided to declare their independence form Great Britain. The Articles were written in 1776 and ratified by all the states in 1781. The articles were a "league of Friendship between 13 sovereign or independent states." (Text p. 41). The Articles provided the US with a basic government that gave the state all the power and the central government very little power. The power that was given to the central government was only enforced when the states gave their approval. This was a main problem with the Articles. One of the main problems that the framers had was giving to much power to one particular ...view middle of the document...

The next issue was slavery, the northern states wanted to tax the importation of slaves and the southerns did not want the government to mess with its biggest money maker its slaves and the cotton industry. So they came up with the 3/5 compromise which included counting each slave as 3/5 of a person for representation in the house and a twenty year ban on the taxing of exports of cotton and continuing the slave trade for twenty more years. Finally they turned to the Executive branch the president would be elected to a term of four years and would be elected by an electoral college so that the common man or uneducated could not be tricked into electing some one to presidency who would not do the job. They also put in checks and balances that made sure that one particular branch did not have complete power.The reason that Congressmeet6 to fix the articles was that there were several major problems with articles. A major problem was people were loyal to their state and the US. The congress had a hard time getting all the delegates from all 13 states together to meet and try to go over the issues and try to fix problems. When they finally were able to meet nothing would get done because the states would not agree on anything that would change the articles. The central government was not able to pay their bills because they did not have the authority to impose taxes. The Constitution confronted that issue and gave the central government the right to pass taxes but it also had to go through all the branches of government so that it would be approve by all states and be fair to everyone. The central government was not even able to pay their army so the government was driven out of Philadelphia by the army.The legislative branch of the government was given the necessary and proper clause which allowed the m to make necessary changes when the time was right. The central government was allowed to coin money but it did not have any way to raise money so that the money they coined would be worth anything. Since the money that congress made was not worth anything the states began to coin their own money. Another issue was the central government could not regulate commerce between the states or with foreign countries. The states then tried to enter into trade contracts with other countries, but the other countries were suspicious about the contracts. The states made their own laws about trade and would impose their own taxes. For example in 1785 Massachusetts banned exports in British ships and Pennsylvania applied heavy duties...

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