The Art Of Music Education Essay

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School budgets have been hit hard in these difficult times of economic stress. Many have heard about how the arts and music programs are almost always the first to be cut, but this does not make sense in light of studies relating music education and higher math scores, an obvious goal of any school district. Because of this apparent logical fallacy, researchers have studied music and its place in elementary schools in the Tacoma Public School district. Allowing students to be involved in music programs stimulates their brains and helps them have greater success in school. Researchers began by searching for specific studies that relate music and other subjects, specifically math. ...view middle of the document...

According to teachers money is very tight, but they are 100% sure the music and arts portion of the curriculum is not going anywhere. When considering this information, the best place to look is in the curriculum. The last significant change made to the music curriculum occurred fifteen years ago and it has made a huge impact on schools. Teachers do have certain things that the children must know by certain grade levels, but they are free to teach them however they want and in whatever order they choose. They are also free to choose all of the additional things that the students are taught. Standardization, both vertically, meaning that from year to year music classes build on each other, and horizontally, meaning that standard connections are made between music and other subjects at every grade level, is an integral part of efficient teaching. To solve this issue in the music program, there should be increased funds for music supplies and teachers. All schools should develop tactical after school music classes for kids who are interested in music and public schools should make the children have music class at least 3 times a week. According to statistics, children who are involved in musical activities have higher testing capabilities. To help children excel in school, all children should be involved in some kind of arts program. Allowing kids to have fun in class makes them become more involved and interested in the topic. Making the children excited makes them want to learn. The future is very important in a child’s life and parents should want them to succeed. Music teachers each have their own ways of teaching. It would be ludicrous and inefficient to make a teacher who has a degree in piano teach using vocals. The district should create a detailed curriculum, but only give guidelines as to how it should be taught. Teachers who have a lifetime of experience with music and teach the “curriculum” in their own interpretation may be difficult for students coming in to adjust to their new system of learning. Despite not having a set curriculum...

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