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The Art Of Life! Essay

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Sample schemes of work for ICT
Applied GCSE ICT – Unit 3 – ICT and Society

|Content |Duration |Activities |Learning Outcomes |
| |(assumes 20% curriculum | | |
| |time) | | |
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| | | |
| | | | |
|Available technologies: | |Teacher presentation followed by question/answer and discussion. | |
|Internet technologies |1 lesson | |Pupils will have knowledge of all the different |
|Internet connections | | |technologies available for accessing, exchanging |
|Mobile telephone technology | | |information and carrying out transactions. |
|Digital broadcasting | | |For example, www, e-mail. mm, encryption, modems, ISDN, |
|Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) | | |ASDL, broadband. |
|Storage media, for example, DVD minidisk | | | |
|Touchscreen technologies | | | |
| | | | |
|ICT in business: | | | |
|The internet | |Survey of internet shopping/services. Begin with the group members,|Pupils will be able to: |
|Technical services | |then widen data collection to include different age groups. Find |discuss patterns and trends in online purchasing based |
|Call centres and customer enquiries |3 weeks |out how many people bought goods, how many bought or took...

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