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The Arm Rest Essay

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What has made MMBC successful?
The company has stayed true to its core customer base. Its product focuses on quality.
Brand Loyalty
Older working class, blue collar
Effective marketing
Sales team - "Grass roots" marketing
70% consumed at home
higher alcohol %

Since 1925, this traditional and regional family owned brewery has cultivated its brand loyalty by sticking to its core customer base, offering to them an attractive product and offering them a brand building product with great price, tradition, local authenticity, quality, and a unique taste.
MMBC is different from its competitors because of its history, its status as an independent, non-corporate and family owned regional based brewery giving it the originality desired by its core consumers.

2. What is distinctive about MMBC's ...view middle of the document...

By using this method the brand focused on local marketing activities thus making the brand more personable to the consumer.

5. What has caused MMBC’s decline in spite of its strong brand? Think in terms of the beer market in general, as well as the market MMBC serves.
Alternate beverages
health concerns
tax increases
Consumer changes/shift in tastes towards light beer
Limited distribution channels -shelf space
very competitive industry and capital intensive

6. Should MMBC introduce a light beer?
Yes, if Mountain Man introduces a new light beer, the company will continue to experience a growth in sales, gain more customers, and become mrs profitable.

7. What are the pros and cons of doing from a qualitative perspective?
Pros -
Gaining younger demographics
Diverse product portfolio
May be MMBC could create a unique Light beer
Cons -
Alienate existing customers
Dilute the existing brand equity in terms of image - particularly the brand stands for Lager with higher alcohol %
Decrease/ cannibalize shelf space.
More expensive to produce
Light beer already has a strong presence.


The launch of a new product is always going to be a risk, but banking on the withering demand for a single offering is surely not going to alter the fortunes of the Mountain Man Beer Company. Light beer is the largest sales opportunity for a reason, it is what the market demands. Light beer is the gateway necessary to attract new consumers, and a stepping stone to introduce them to Mountain Man Lager. Where the product association with Mountain Man Lager may be too strong in terms of flavor, directly attracting affluent light beer drinkers can broaden...

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