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The Arizona Immigration Law Essay

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English essay – The Arizona immigration law
We get an assignment, to write an essay about the Arizona immigration law. We get some material as, facts, articles and interviews with Barack Obama. In the following part I would make a summary of the materials.
To discuss the problems about the Arizona immigration law, I need to know something about the US political system, how you approve the law. In the USA, there are two types of laws: The Federal legislation there applies to all Americans and all the states. It's about everything that is common to all. For example, the civil rights, immigration law, foreign policy laws.
There is also The State legislation that stands for the law in the single ...view middle of the document...

U.S. must create still and functioning laws of immigration, which applies to all states. On the one hand, one should not give citizenship to many immigrants, but on the other hand, it is impossible to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants.
”Fast facts” (from the print “The Economist”)
With the new law, the police can appear as racist as the biggest parts of immigrants are from South America. That makes people rising against the police and the government. In the USA people, want illegal immigrants out of the Country and with the new law they can judge them harder.

Essay about immigration
1. Discuss the pros and cons of US immigration
In my essay I would like to discuss the pros and cons for immigration. Where I will those good and bad things compare.
Today were America is built on a country made by hard working immigrants. From a lot of different countries there are a big respect for immigrants, because without them America would not exist. With new people there come new hands and brains there made a process of dynamic and the American discipline. Immigration is important for the United States, the immigrants bring new ideas and new ways of thinking into American society, helping to strengthen and renew the culture. U.S. attracts the best and brightest from different parts of the world.
In the global community, it is a great advantage for the United States to have people from all parts of the world, in the way the country can better establish commercial contacts and partners around the world. Thus, immigration is an advantage in the global competition. In the global community is a great advantage for the United States to have people from all parts of the world, in the way the country can better establish commercial contacts and partners around the world. This, immigration is an advantage in global competition.
Cons of immigration
When new population groups come to the U.S., it creates almost invariably fear in those who already live in the country. People are afraid of losing their jobs, or that the new will show up just to make trouble. This is particularly in times of economic crisis. Many white Americans are now worried about the huge immigration from Mexico, which they regard as a great threat to their community.
Illegal immigration...

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