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The Arizona Constitution is one of the most important documents in the state of Arizona. The Arizona Constitution is the governing document of the state. It affects all the counties municipalities/corporations, and primary and secondary schools. This is a living document and was created for the people by the people. On February 14 1912 Arizona become a state, and the Arizona Constitution was born. The Arizona Constitution is made of 28 articles that give rights and laws to the citizens. The constitution gives instructions for how that state shall be ran. The state is made up of three branches of government, the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branch. All the branches make sure ...view middle of the document...

There is not enough governing authority because the powers that were given to counties are assigned by the constitution and state legislature. These delegations were intended for the situations of the nineteenth century and have not kept up with the counties present day responsibilities. Lastly, Arizona counties face lasting financial problems because the counties cannot use property taxes as a source of income (McClory, 2001).
The 13th Article of the Arizona Constitution was established to govern city utilities and corporations’ rights. This articles deals with the welfare of towns, cities and other municipal corporations ensuring that laws will not be used to establish municipal corporations (Arizona State Legislature, 2009, p77). Only the legislature can provide for incorporating and organizing the establishment of cites and town. If the cities or town become over populated with more than 3,500 citizens, a charter will be established by elected freeholders appointed to that city (Arizona State Legislature, 2009, p77). The Arizona governor’s approval is needed to charter a town without interference within the constitutional law.Only the authority of the legislature can call for an election to determine if the board of freeholders should remain or be removed from a chartered city. A general town election will be held for qualified electors to determine whether to continue the use of freeholders or not. It also established that municipal corporations could not allow, extend or renew a franchise without qualified electors of that cities approval (Arizona State Legislature, 2009). This entitles all municipal corporations the opportunity to engage in businesses and become political subdivisions of the state with immunities and exemptions.
The school system with Arizona State follows strict guidelines under the state’s Constitution. Article 11 deals with the laws that the schools must obey towards furthering education; under the article 11 there are ten sections that outlines these specific laws. For example, section 1 states that ,” The legislature shall enact such laws as shall provide for the establishment and maintenance of a general and uniform public school system….for the education of pupils who are hearing and vision impaired.” (Arizona, 2009) This affects all levels of the education system, even colleges and universities, because...

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