The Analysis Of The Goal

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Xiaoyun Jin (Summer)
Final Exam: Suggestion for the Improvement for the Bearington Plant
In Goldratt’s novel, the Bearington plant experiences numerous problems. Alex Rogo chooses to solve these problems using the Theory of Constraints (TOC) by the instructions of Jonah. Under the strong cohesions and efforts by Alex and his team, the Bearington Plant eventually turns out to be profitable. However, the Theory of Constraints only functions well for a short-term strategy and pays inattention to non-bottlenecks; in the long run, it will prevent the plant from ongoing improvement. Thus, I suggest applying the Balanced Scorecard to the management of Bearington Plant to help improve the ...view middle of the document...

Second, customer perspective helps to measure the customer satisfaction, customer retention in the market and time to fulfill the customers’ requests. In this way, it could better provide management with clear views to deal with customer orders and meet their satisfaction. Further, I notice that bottlenecks account for 80% of the revenue in the plant. If focusing on the TOC, it may hide the other 20% revenue from the non-bottlenecks as customers demand. By combining the detailed customer perspective with TOC into a systematic manner, it could broaden the management perception of customers’ needs and probably increase the profits.
In addition, the internal business process perspective indicates that the management is supposed to choose feasible measures to implement the innovative, operational and post-sales process to achieve the goal. In this novel, I think Bearington should strengthen the operational process, especially for policies, as Alex discovers that the real constraints “were not the machines, they were the policies”. By adopting the TOC, some policies are changed to minimize the bottlenecks. However, the operation of the plant is also affected by some external factors in the long term, like prices of raw materials, market situations or competitors....

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