The Analysis Of Othello

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The Analysis of Othello
The introduction about the author:
Othello was written by William Shakespeare (1564-1615).he was an English dramatist and poet, generally regarded as the greatest writer in the English language. He wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets in his lifetime. His imagination, his richness of language and his deep understanding of human behaviors have made him universally known and loved. His influence on English literature and on the writers of other countries is immense.
When he was seven, he went to a grammar school. But at the age of fourteen, he had to be a schoolmaster to help support his family because of the decline of his family. After arriving in London he was ...view middle of the document...

The anlysis of the character Othello:
First of all, we play the hero's character traits of view: Othello is a moor honest, kind, open mind, in the all-powerful hero on the battlefield. But it is the character that was made use of by Iago and pull Othello into traps step by step : listen to kill the loyal wife, ultimately he was blamed for the collapse of Love. Throughout, it seems that the treacherous Iago base led to the production of this tragedy, but in fact the tragedy of Othello, Iago is created for the objective conditions, the real tragedy had to come from the hero himself .
First, Othello was too rely on others, if not he listen to rumors of Iago that his wife was having a love affair with other people, the tragedy would not take place. Of course, this is simply because of his innocence, after all, Othello can be described as too proud, illustrious feats, love happy. The straightforward nature of the military that there is no preparation for his evil, and the happiness of the marriage so that he believes the world is good, so he can not imagine there will be such a Iago,who is angry and hate Othello for the unfair distribution of power and enviness of his wife's beauty. Therefore, Iago deliberately spread rumors trying to frame-up, the Othello did not perceive. On the contrary, he thought iago is an honorable man, the Iago's behaved in a hesitant to provoke their curiosity as a righteous man”from the heart. This is because of his character, too credulous and good, blind to the social evils and was easily deceived by the treacherous villain Iago and ultimately made a big mistake, killed his pure innocent and deep loved wife, and also with his own hands to punish himself .
Second, Othello too "male chauvinism", when he was provoked by Iago, he began to doubt his wife's honesty,.It is rather his male chauvinism than so much trust in Iago,.In his view , the wife of the derailment is shameful, heinous, hurt his big man's self-esteem, even if only a rumor, he also can not wait to ask to find evidence, "once and for all, let love and jealousy destroyed at the same time." If he saw his engagement pledge – handkerchief which was in Cassio and suspected his wife of infidelity, which is still justifiable,but he went into Iago's trap, saw Cassio,s and Iago,s expressions and mouth when they were talking to conclude that Cassio is having an affair with his wife, Desdemona,that can be entirely his own imaging guess, and it is the...

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