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The American Economy 18th Century Essay

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The beginning of the United States was certainly not an easy road for its first inhabitants but they found a way to survive the unknown elements. America built it's foundations on the formation of the first original thirteen colonies. It was Great Britain who was at the head of the table and the colonies resided at its side under its control and rule. With Britain being so far from America, the colonists became tired of being under the rule of the king and his parliament, and began the in bark on gaining their freedom from its dominate hold and control and went to war with the help of France and won. After gaining their independence America was now starting over with no financial stability ...view middle of the document...

Jackson always believed that he had to use his powers in office to help “carry out the will of the people.” Jackson fought against the way banks distributed funds and he helped the American economy by creating a new community of banks and how they practiced. President Jackson also helped establish negotiations for land in the West helping America expand. He established the Executive Branch and helped them stand on equal footing with Congress in creating and outlining laws and policies established by the government. America began to change and its economy began to grow and expand in all directions for the further development of the nation.

America doubled its economy by building canals, railways, roads etc. on behalf of its citizens that requested it. These structures began to be built all around the United States connecting the citizens in each state and bringing about unity as a nation giving even more means for commerce to take place. The production of goods for the larger marketplace began to...

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