The American Dream, A Complicates Definition

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The American Dream
The American Dream is a complicated definition. At one time it meant that if you work hard, your dreams may come true. It then evolved to if you work hard and receive an education, all dreams are obtainable. Working hard assured you to the ability to buy a nice house, a car, and perhaps afford a vacation a year. This definition of the American Dream pertains to the poor and middle class as the rich are currently living the American Dream. This is a simplistic definition to a complicated matter--namely, what is the American Dream. Many say that in today's economy that the American Dream has died, but I firmly believe it is still obtainable. Sure the methods of obtaining such a dream have changed, but we live in a society where hard work, ...view middle of the document...

The American Dream can be defined many different ways, such as personal, societal, legal, and global.
Each individual has their personal opinion on what the American Dream is and how to achieve it. Barack Obama is one individual that exemplifies one of the most visible yet also highly personal American Dream. As previously stated, the American Dream is centered around hard work and President Obama is one of the hardest working individuals today. He came from a middle class family to attend two ivy league schools while graduating magna cum laude, and eventually becoming the president. As Michelle Obama stated during this past election, the president may not have all the resources of a Mitt Romney but Obama demonstrates that hard work supersedes all else. Obama is a perfect example of the American Dream on a personal level as he came from a middle class family with great promise but his hard work is what allowed him to achieve his greatest dream of being president.
For decades many families and individuals have come to America, commonly known as the "Land of Opportunities". The majority want the big house, with the perfect family, and the fancy cars but the work to get there is hard. Many come to America in hopes of living the American Dream and becoming successful in life. Many come to find jobs to support their family. Often these families are even back in their native country. These individuals set up future generations to succeed and even live their own version of their American Dream by whatever means necessary. The American Dream is not something they simply hope to attain one day but are willing to work for it. The number of people who actually do pursue their dreams is few, but the ones who do will achieve their American Dreams by whatever means necessary.

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