The American Conversion Essay

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Imagine dozing off tonight at home in your warm bed and sleeping peacefully. Then, in the morning you wake up and you live in a new and foreign place. You have to find your way and build life up from scratch. This is what Americans did when they moved to this new land. It wasn’t quite that dramatic of a change, but Americans picked up and moved here and had to make sense of what to do next. Since the start of the country, there have been good times and there have been bad times, but the people of America have achieved advancement; even in the midst of the failures. With this new found way of life, it was not always smooth sailing, but the new people never gave up and continued to build and ...view middle of the document...

Since farming was a long and lengthy process they had to know every aspect of it and what techniques worked best. There was no “Taylorism” or easy way out of farming. The farmers valued their property and the work they had put into it over the years. They valued the old way of life and found any alternative to be scary, foreign, and challenging.
However, the change to the city was like a new land. Factories were big and there was a busy, as well as, scary feeling to the new urbanized society. The city was nothing like farming, in the sense that the work, or job skills, was not something you needed to learn for a lifetime. Workers would learn minuscule steps to the production of a very different product. There was no personality in the work that was offered. Also, there were more opportunities to change “professions”. If a worker decided the factory life wasn’t for him, maybe he would go try out some other line of business, like shoe shinning, architecture, or gold mining. The possibilities seemed endless for the newly urbanized farmers and immigrants. The new building structures that engulfed the urban area seemed massive and stronger than ever seen before. The city goers felt the city was dangerous but full of curiosity. The city valued this upbeat, new and advanced way of life. There was always something bigger, better, and newer that was waiting to be discovered by the people.
O, Pioneers takes place in the old country life, but uses the fact the urbanization has already begun to portray its true values of the country side. The book begins by showing the hardships of life in the country. Although life could be rewarding, struggles came about to try to knock down their spirits. “One winter [John Bergson’s] cattle had perished in a blizzard. The next summer one of his plow horses broke its leg…and had to be shot. Another summer he lost his hogs from Cholera, and a valuable stallion died from a rattlesnake bite. Time and again his crops had failed…Now, when he had last struggled out of debt, he was going to die himself.” (pgs. 11-12). Farming took every last bit of effort from the lives of the people. However, it was a personable process that couldn’t be disregarded at the drop of a hat. Even when Mr. Bergson died he willed that his family “keep the land together and to be guided by [Alexandra]” (14). He knew that they would “have it hard… [but they] must all keep together” (pg. 14). Alexandra led the family through hardship, pursued the work to keep the land, and kept her commitment to her father and property. However, after their father pasted and Alexandra’s friend Carl would go to the urbanization land; where his father would get “back his old job in the cigar factory” (pg. 26) and Carl would “learn engraving with a German engraver” (pg. 26), and her brothers were ready to leave. She showed how much she valued the land by arguing to stay. She went and saw the prosperous lands of the wet farms and knew that sticking to the hardships now...

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