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The American Communist Movement Essay

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Political desire for power and control has resulted in the practices of socialism and communism. These political leaders have used this government control to influence and guide the economies for their own personal gain. During the early to mid twentieth century, the rise of socialism and communism led to economic, political, and social corruption throughout Eastern Europe, The United States, and many economies worldwide, resulting in the need for action against it. The introduction of government controlled economies led to devastating consequences that are seen in many aspects of life as well as in literature.
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Decisions normally made by individuals or corporations where made by the controlling party. Businesses were left to the government planners to decide what is produced, who will produce it, and who will get the items produced. Workers were not motivated to be productive, because they received the same salary no matter how hard they worked. Many economists such as Ludwig Von Mises predicted that a communist economy would never work because the government controlled prices and wages. In Soviet Russia, Von Mises prediction became realized as the state controlled the economy by fixing prices and wages. Marxism failed because the incentives to be efficient in production did not exist in this system. In Soviet Russia, the state controlled all aspects of production and quality control was replaced by bribery and unlawful acts. Workers and businesses were not given any incentives to succeed and produce which led to an unproductive system. “The Marxist experiment was in trouble and Lenin instituted a New Economic Policy (NEP), which allowed small businesses to operate freely” (Yergin, Stanislaw). An economic revival was a consequence of the NEP by releasing the price controls and allowing farmers to sell their goods. Critics argued that Lenin had given in on the principles of Marxism (government control) and Lenin responded that the control of the overall economy, major industry would be in the hands of the government. Lenin called this “Commanding Heights” of the economy. This was the turning point that other economies would model their economic structure towards government control.
Leaders of the Communists party used some subtle, non-violet forms of repressions to control its citizens. Restrictions on personal freedoms were enforced. Equality 7-2521 discovers personal pronouns; he states “My dearest ones, it is not proper for me to be without names. There was a time each man had a name of his own to distinguish him from all other men” (Rand98). The Great divide is another example of repression by a wall constructed through Berlin, Germany to restrict passage from the east to the west. The west represented a free market society and the east represented the government controlled party. As Kennedy would say when he visited the wall in 1963; “Freedom has many difficulties and democracy is not perfect, but we never had to put up a wall to keep our people in” (Von Drehle 53). Communist’s leaders felt the needs of society were above individual rights and social liberties. The government would tell workers they would lose their job if they went against the Communist regime. They would deny material items for unhappy citizens and reward people who complied with the rules. There are several examples of how communism and even the fear of communism caused situations to become violent. Soviet Communism got rid of private property, and promoted atheism. The Soviet state murdered thousands of priests and religious people. A good deal of violence...

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