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The Amazing Universe Essay

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I'm going to tell you about the book 'The Amazing Universe'. I think universe is amazing because the light's speed is very fast, and we can find very interesting things such as solar system, planets, stars, galaxy, supernova, and blackholes in the universe.First, the light's speed is very fast that is 294,400km/sec and there is a 'light-year'. The light travels in one year and the distance is 9.6 trillion kilometers.Second, in universe there are solar system, stars, and planets. The solar system include 10 stars and planets(include sun). I'd like to explain these 10 stars and planets to you. The Sun is the ball of fire in the sky that the ...view middle of the document...

We can find water marks on its surface. Jupiter is fifth planet from the Sun, and the largest in the solar system. It has a thin ring. Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun, with an orbit lying between those of Jupiter and Uranus. Saturn is best known for its bright ring system called Saturn?s rings and it is very light. Uranus is tilted about angle of 98 degrees, and it has 9 microscopic rings that we can't see with our eyes. Neptune's surface is blue which is the same as Jupiter's and is tilted about 17 degrees. It also has ring. The last planet, Pluto is very small astron and is so far that we can't explore it. One of the interesting facts is that Mercury, venus, earth, mars, pluto are terrestrial planet, while Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune are Jovian Planets which are made of gases.Third, galaxies are groups of many stars and other solar systems. If these galaxies are crashed into each other, thousands of new stars are made and thousands of stars break out, and bigger galaxy absorb the smaller galaxy.Forth, supernova is when a very old and very big and powerful star (like a sun) died, in a huge explosion. For a few month, the light of supernova can be brighter than a whole galaxy.Finally, in the universe, there are black holes. Black holes are made of very a powerful supernova. They are charged for neutron star That's why they have very powerful gravity, so they make black holes. The holes are so strong that not even light can get out. Some scientists say that there is a strong black hole in the middle of galaxy.

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