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The Airport System Planning Process Essay

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The Airport System Planning Process
The common individual, even those who travel by aircraft frequently understand the simplest logistics of the aircraft and use common sense to establish that the airport was designed to some extent. However, the majority of travelers fail to understand the strategy involved with the airport system, how it is designed, and the planning or organization that go in to creating such a complex environment. Clearly, safety issues concerning air travel have been heightened during the past decade. While it is clear that major precautions are taken to secure the actual aircraft, prior to takeoff, during flight, and once the landing process has commenced, one ...view middle of the document...

Finally, standards and regulations must be met, and extreme measures are taken to ensure safety and efficiency during the implementation of an airport system.
While the overall process is more distinguished and involved than the (four) identified planning strategies, by diligently following the established procedures, an airport system is likely to meet the requirements and constitute a safe and well-established environment.
AC No: 150/5070-7 as a whole is difficult to summarize or provide an overview of given the detailed descriptions regarding each individual aspect of the airport planning process. Therefore, the “philosophy” of the process becomes the most effective way to give the reader an understanding of the process, without having to divulge all of the details involved in the documentation. Still, it must be noted that careful consideration is demonstrated within the documentation, where one who requests further guidance or clarification would be wise to review said document, or the specific components of AC No: 150/5070-7 relative to the area where one wants to develop further expertise.
Once it has been determined that there is a need for a system of airports, the airport planning system becomes responsible for determining the type, extent, location, timing, and associated costs of the airport development (Federal Aviation Administration, 2004). The aviation planning agency works with the FAA, using the findings within the planning process as guidelines to make educated and informed decisions regarding which local airport development proposals will be considered for future review and support (Federal Aviation Administration, 2004). In essence, they work in conjunction to decide which proposals make sense (and are feasible) and which do not (unfeasible).
Numerous system dynamics are involved in the airport systems planning process; each must be utilized effectively to ensure the proper use of federal, state, metropolitan, and local aviation resources toward the development of a proper network or airports, both for current and future needs (Federal Aviation Administration, 2004). Speaking briefly, the philosophy ensures that all necessary resources will be organized and implemented effectively, in a cost-effective manner, to meet the goals and objectives that have been established based on the collection of information and standards set. Furthermore, the goal of any airport planning system is to satisfy the state or metropolitan area, planning the airport around the needs of the environment in which the airport will be developed.
Evaluating such a lengthy and detailed document can be a strenuous activity, especially if one attempts to take in all of the information in one sitting. Therefore, the best method in approaching an evaluation and reflection of The Airport System Planning Process is to identify key points throughout the document, reflect on these target points, and move on to the next significant aspect of the process...

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