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The Agony Of Wasted Years Essay

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Dr Tope Oni, Lagos, Nigeria

What is ‘Wasted Years’?

Wasted years are the part of a person’s youthful days when he or she did not do what he/she was supposed to do. He did not go to school when he was supposed to, he did not put in his best while in school – to have good grades, get admission, read a good course and pass out in flying colours.

The person who wastes his early years does not realize the fleeting, temporary nature of opportunities. He does not realize that hay is best made when the sun shines. He is deceived to think that the opportunity will always be there.

When the victim of wasted years is wasting his life ...view middle of the document...

The typical victim of wasted years is, more often than not, the cause of his own failure. He received counsels from his parents, elder siblings, peers, pastor and Sunday School teachers while he was young. But he did not take these counsels seriously. He provided excuses for being absent in school, for not doing his assignments, for not preparing for examinations. He played truancy for most of his elementary or secondary school days.

Parental role
In other cases (which are quite often), parents are to blame for the calamity of wasted years, and sometimes such parents are educated, enlightened and materially comfortable. Such parents pamper and adore the child. They gave him the impression that life is simple, that they are always there to provide all that the child would ever require, and that they want this child to always have it easy all through life. No discipline, no counsel, no gravity. Such parents shirk their responsibility of letting the young lad know that life is not a bed of roses, that life is hard, that life is battle. They fail to educate the child and let the reality dawn on him that it is illusion and self-deceit for a person to depend and put his confidence on the riches of his parents. They forget the old wisdom that whatever you did not suffer and toil for does not last. When a parent pampers and...


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