The Age Of Gnumeric Essay

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VOIM 220
October 6, 2014
Instructor L. Hughes

Although the average person is accustomed to the world of Excel and Access, there are other database programs and spread sheets out there; other spreadsheets that will prove to be just as effective and low in cost as opposed to Excel and Access.
In our digital world full of digital citizens there has been an epilogue of database programs and spreadsheets that have cornered the web search engines of all computers. One of those spreadsheets known as GNUMERIC was released on December 31, 2001. The founding father of GNUMERIC was a man named Miguel de Icaza. Miguel de Icaza founded GNUMERIC in Mexico City. He was known for ...view middle of the document...

Some of the disadvantages of GNUMERIC are the printing issues which were under current versions of MS windows. GNUMERIC also won’t save Lotus 123 or Quattro files in Native format (GNOME, 2008). While Lotus 123 and Quattro files were open in GNUMERIC there were some formatting and formula translation issues (GNOME, 2008). Other disadvantages of GNUMERIC are that sort does not work in sheets with vertical cell references. The data and formulas sheet: sort gives incorrect cell relations; this issue is currently being worked on by GNUMERIC developers. has also stated that GNUMERIC had maemo ports at the beginning of 2007, although the parts remain available, active development on the parts ceased several years ago. reports that GNUMERIC is about five versions behind current desktop releases.
In comparison to Microsoft Excel and Access, GNUMERIC is said to have a more detailed text import filter, which can handle dates before 1900. GNUMERIC also has a different interface for the creation and editing of graphs from other spreadsheet software (GNOME, 2008). For editing a graph GNUMERIC displays a window where all elements of the graph are listed. Whereas other spreadsheet programs might require the user to select the individual elements of the graph in the graph itself in order to edit them. The GNUMERIC spreadsheets can export and import Excel files, and according to GNUMERIC is also well ahead of MS Office. On a recent study done of “analytic...

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