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The Affection Of Beauty Pageant To Every Woman's Self Esteem

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This paper only seeks to the affection of beauty pageants to every woman’s self- esteem. The objectives of beauty pageants are communication skills, goal setting and physical fitness.

There are three objectives of beauty pageants.The first is communication skills.You will given a question and you have to answer it with confident. Beauty pageant is ...view middle of the document...

You will be judged on how you answer your question. Everything you say will tell the judges about yourself. This teaches woman on how to answer even if they're nervous. This exercise their minds to think quickly. The next is goal setting. Beauty pageant trains woman on how to set goals, focus on their goals and work on their goals to achieve the crown. The ways on how you will achieve your goal is that you have to plan, motivation, effort, persistence and then you will achieve your goal. If you lack one of them then you will have a hard time on how you will achieve your goal. First, you have to think of an idea then you have to do a procedure and aim for it. Second, you have to inspire yourself to work on it. Next, you have to work so that you will accomplish your goal. Then, you have to persevere. Finally, after all your efforts you can achieve you goal. The last is physical fitness. You are required to be physically fit.

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