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The Aeneid Essay

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In The Aeneid, Aeneas’ and his brother are on their way to Rome. After fighting in the Trojan War, Aeneas’ was destined to begin a new Roman Empire. As they were continuing on there way this is where they ran into Dido and have found the shores of the city of Carthage. At this point in the book is where we find out who is to blame for Aeneas departure from Carthage and Dido committing suicide. I would not blame Aeneas for his departure or the Dido committing suicide; the gods are the ones to blame for the death of Dido and Aeneas departing from Carthage.
Just like in the Greek era, the Roman gods were very powerful figure and have considerable influenced to the Roman people. Everyone ...view middle of the document...

He’s just doing what every other heroic figure would do in all the other readings we had read.
Although the relationship of Dido and Aeneas stretches only through one book, this is where Juno causes Dido to commit suicide over the love of Aeneas. Aeneas arrives on the shore of Libyan and meets Dido. Juno saw this as a prefect opportunity to get the two of them together and have them fall in love. This is the point that I would blame Juno for the death of Dido. Juno had casted a spell on Dido to fall in love. And if she hadn’t cast this spell on Dido, then everything would be fine. Juno was telling Venus how she had planned this whole setup. Juno states “I’ll shower down a cloudburst, hail, black driving rain… make their way to the same cave shelter.” (131) Juno had prearranged everything to control the two of them to end up in the same cave and marriage will happen. Aeneas had no intention to make love with dido that day. In the quote it says that she will create a rain cloud and send the two of them to the same place. As you can see Juno is dictating these two to fall in love and is stopping Aeneas from finishing his journey to found the New Roman Empire.
Once Jupiter, the king of the gods, finds out what’s happening he sends down the messenger god to go tell Aeneas to continue on his destiny. Right here is where everything starts to unfold and how the gods are taking over and controlling Dido and Aeneas lives. This is where I would blame Juno for the death of Dido and Jupiter for having Aeneas departure from the city of Carthage. “I set sail to Italy… all...

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