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The Abortion Debate Essay

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Mokhtar Awad DATE \@ "M/d/yyyy" 2/22/2006
AbortionPresident bill Clinton once said "a woman has the right to chose whether to have an abortion or not, it is her constitutional right." Therefore I agree with the resolution that an American woman has a right to an abortion. My value for the round is justice. Justice is defined by the American heritage dictionary as what is socially right. Justice is my value because a woman is guaranteed the right to have the freedom to choose what best for her. The government doesn't have the right to tell the woman what's best for her. My criterion for the round is protection of rights. It's my criteria because abortion symbolizes women's freedom, and the government restriction is unconstitutional.I offer these following definitions from the American heritage ...view middle of the document...

1967 saw the first victory of an abortion reform movement with the passage of liberalizing legislation in Colorado. The legislation was based on the Model Penal Code. Between 1967 and 1973, approximately one-third of theStates had adopted, either in whole or in part, the Model Penal Code's provisions allowing abortion in instances other than where only the mother's life was in danger. The mother's life is in danger, when she's not strong enough to hold the baby, also when she is not able to care for the baby. In that case the mom and the baby's life are in danger .So it is unconstitutional for any government to restrict a woman's right for an abortion, and that the Fourteenth Amendment right of personal privacy encompassed a woman's decision whether to carry a pregnancy to term..My second contention is upholding the rights for women. Women don't have a choice if they were rapped and impregnated. So denying the woman the right to have an abortion after being unjustly rapped and impregnated is not just an outrage, but despicable and an infringement of a rights for an American citizen. As Hilary Clinton said" women can and should have the right to not be a victim for a rapist, and government infringing on her rights ". In other words if you were to be shot by a bullet, would you just leave it inside you , or go to the hospital and take it out. Would you let that criminal kill you when you can change that?My third contention is upholding the opinions of most Americans. Recent polls show that more Americans are becoming more sympathetic for abortions. For example, the Washington post asked a crowd of 500 Americans and asked them their opinion on abortion 45% of them were for abortion, and 32% were against abortion. Ironically most of the 32% that were against abortion were men.

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