The 2010 Iom Impact On Nursing Practice, Education And Leadership

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The 2010 IOM Impact on Nursing Practice, Education and Leadership

Grand Canyon University
May 26, 2010

In 2010 after spending two years researching and discovering that many roadblocks in our current health care system restrict nurses from responding to the rapidly aging and changing health care setting, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) along with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) released their report, “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health” (Institute of Medicine, 2011). It was determined in the report that our current health care system was selling patients short on accessible, affordable, safe, quality health care. In response to their findings the IOM ...view middle of the document...

Colleges who remodel their curriculum would make it easier for students to attain their baccalaureate degree from the beginning of educational goals. This would increase the number of baccalaureate degree nurses entering the work force, which is also in line with IOM recommendations (Institute of Medicine, 2011) (American Nurses Association, 2010).
Lower educational costs and increased availability for returning associate nurses trying to attain their baccalaureate degree or higher, could generate more baccalaureate nurses in the field of medicine, creating more opportunity for those with a baccalaureate degree to become leaders, teachers of nursing education and mentors for upcoming nurses. Solving these problems in nursing education could provide safer, more affordable, more assessable health care for the current underserved population.
The IOM found that only if nurses are allowed to work alongside of doctors and others in the health care industry would these changes in education impact our outdated health care system. Nurses with baccalaureate degrees or higher who could help solve the problems our health care system is facing are often not allowed to help by stepping up into leading roles because of continuing outdated stereotypes of the nursing community (Institute of Medicine, 2011) (American Nurses Association, 2010).
There continues to be an environment where doctors and the health community treat nurses as secondary car takers instead of utilizing nurses for their knowledge and experience. Therefore, nurses who have a baccalaureate or higher degree continue to be overlooked for opportunities in the health care filed to become mentors, educators or leaders for upcoming nurses; thus we miss an opportunity to create a cascade of changes necessary for more accessible, safe and affordable health care (Institute of Medicine, 2011) (American Nurses Association, 2010).
Ultimately the impact of the IOM report, if followed, would increase the number of nurse practitioners and doctorate level nurses to deliver health care treatment for those patients who are seeking treatment and are unable to find a health care provider willing to see them. (Institute of Medicine, 2011) (American Nurses Association, 2010).
Many of the patients I see daily no longer have a primary care provider. When asked the response is that they seek medical attention at...

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