Thanks For Shopping With Us Essay

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Christy Williams
Dr. Huston
English 1301
September 28, 2014
Thank You for Shopping With Us
Customers must take several precautions when shopping, especially those on a budget. There are traps all over the stores, from the parking lot to the meat department. Some of the pretty well hidden, some are quite obvious. Grocery stores use several marketing tricks and strategies to get customers to spend more money in their stores.
Walk into Kroger, the smell of rotisserie chicken fills the air. This lures the customer to deli, but he came for milk. By the time he gets to the milk, he has a rotisserie chicken and macaroni and cheese. How did this happen? In most Krogers, and other grocery ...view middle of the document...

29 a pound. But the price is now $1.59 a pound and you get another at .79 a pound. It almost evened out. Oh yes and the famous 10 for $10. That is the way the stores get rid of overstock. Most of those items were priced at less than a dollar already. Stores sometimes put a limit on merchandise that is on sale. This does not mean it is a hot item and buying the limit is necessary. But that is what they want the customer to believe. Just buy what is needed. If 5 lb bags of potatoes are on sale for .99 limit 3, the customer will buy 3 just because they are “on sale”.
The more expensive items are almost always located at eye level on the shelves. Look at the cereal aisle, for example. A four year old is in the grocery cart as her mom strolls down the cereal aisle. At her eye level she can see all the cereal with the cartoon characters, like the 18 ounce box of SpongeBob Cereal priced at a little over $4.00. On the shelf below, Cheerios 18 ounce box were priced at $3.50. But her mom will have to pay that extra 50 cent or more because SpongeBob is on the box and that is what caught her child’s eye. There is also grown up eye level as well. The more expensive items and name brands are put at that level. Mom also needed cereal and wanted to get something healthy. All the different flavors of Honey Bunches of Oats were right there in her eye sight. Cheerios were on the bottom shelf, priced much lower.
Stop by that sample station and try those new frozen eggrolls! Good right! How about those turkey meatballs? They are located in the frozen section. Go right ahead and pick up a box or two! Wal-Mart always has many sample stations for new products. This gets the customers to buy things they did not even know they wanted.
Trying to turn those huge and heavy shopping carts around in the middle of an aisle is...

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