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Thai Ethical Culture Essay

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Thai’s Ethical Culture

* Thailand is considerably different from Western societies in terms of fundamental values as well as work-related values. Thai ethics has been strongly influenced by Asian philosophies

* Thai people are more collectivist and more accepting of power than people in the United States.

* In Thailand, the society respects its elders, superiors, and patrons more so than in the U.S

* Core values are considered to be collectivistic, fatalistic, and externally power controlled

* Another key concept in Thailand is taking another person's feelings into account.

* Respect for leaders, is another fundamental component of Thai Ethics

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Wage discrimination

* In the private sector, women generally receive equal wages in low wage jobs, but not in higher wage jobs.

Age discrimination

* In most of the job advertisements in Thailand it is specified that the company is searching for young and attractive people so for the older generation it is very hard to find a job there.

Migrants discrimination

* Lower wages paid as well as longer working hours.

Terms of Employment
* The maximum probationary period permissible under Thai employment law is 120 days.
* All employers are required by labour law to provide at least 13 official public holidays per year, and six vacation days after one full year of service.
* The availability of a relatively low cost and mobile labour force is one of Thailand's greatest assets and was the major reason for Thailand's popularity for manufacturing businesses.
* The legal regulations relating to the employment of staff and workers are incorporated in the Labour Act and the section of the Civil and Commercial Code on contracts relating to the hire of services contracts. In addition, there are a number of ministerial regulations issued by the Ministry of Interior (prior to 1993) and the Ministry of Labour & Social Welfare (from 1993 onwards).

Minimum Wage
* The minimum daily wage depends on the location and types of employment activities in accordance with the Labour Act.

Working Hours & Holidays
* Labour regulations prescribe the maximum number of working hours of employees at 48 hours per week. Where work is deemed hazardous, working hours may not exceed 42 hours a week or not more than 7 hours a day.
* Once employees have worked for 5 consecutive hours, they must be given a one-hour rest period. All employees who have worked continuously for a period of not less than one year are entitled to a minimum of 6 working days paid vacation every year in addition to the 13 public holidays traditionally observed in Thailand (including National Labour Day).

Sick Leave
* All employees are entitled to sick leave with pay for up to 30 working days per year.
* In addition to sick leave, a pregnant woman is entitled to 90 days of maternity leave (inclusive of holidays), including full pay 45 workdays.
* An employer may require an employee to produce a medical certificate if the sick leave taken is for 3 consecutive days or more.
* An employee can be dismissed for absence from work for 3 days or more without...

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