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Th Importance Of Deleting Cyber Bullying Essay

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The Importance of Deleting Cyber-Bullying?
Today’s youth are faced with all types of terrible and appalling situations, however, one of the newest and most troubling situations is Cyber-bullying. The estimated number of youth who have experienced Cyber-bullying are increasing and at a global proportion. While Cyber-bullying is happening mostly to teenagers and young adults aged 14-26, it could happen to anyone of any age.

While technology is becoming more sophisticated, allowing us immediate access to information, which could greatly benefit our lives, it could also potentially provide individuals with the means to exploit personal information, commit cyber-crimes, or even inflict injury ...view middle of the document...

According to studies by the Cyber-bullying Resource Center, “Prior to the summer of 2011, such reports that included Cyber-bullying victimization rates, ranged from 5.5% to 70% with the average being 24.4%. Their studies also shown the percent of youth who responded to their surveys have experienced Cyber-bullying at some point in their lifetime, at rates ranging from 18.8% to 40.6% with the average being 27.3%.” The deviations are limitless! However, much of the variations in these studies can be explained by the approach used. Cyber-bullying usually takes place as a result of prejudice or prejudgments towards the individual’s sexual orientation, age, race, cultural or religious background, appearance, physical or mental disability, or socioeconomic position.

Despite joint efforts to teach teenagers about cyber-safety, they can still become victims of Cyber-bullying. So, what can be done to eliminate Cyber-bullying? First, we must understand what the definition of Cyber-bullying is and how to recognize it. Then, after you have explained to your teens about the dangers of the Internet, you should also let them know that they will not be punished for being a...

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